ING-NightMarathon-2015. This time as a spectator.

In early June, ING-NightMarathon-2015 took place in the Luxembourg capital. This time as a spectator, I looked at the upheade of runners on the route of the tenth edition of this great event.


I managed to assemble a short video of this event. Feel free to watch.

In previous years, I competed three times at this event in half marathons.

I had the opportunity to feel the unique, enthusiastic atmosphere prevailing on the route and great moments of the end of the tour in the hall with crowds of cheering spectators and among the dazzling lights.

Preparations for the start of the 9th edition of the marathon I described on another blog "Recreational running"

There I used my own experience and recent years to share my humble knowledge of running long distances by a person like me, an absolute amateur.