Luxembourg Castles – Larochette


Just before I went on vacation, I managed to assemble another video. This time I visited with a Larochette camera.

On the road between Diekirch and Junglinster we pass the charming tourist village of Larochette. The main attraction here is the castle, which is 150 metres above the weissen Ernz River Valley. The main gate is located on the other side of the village and access to the parking lot before the entrance requires leaving the town. You can also to the ruins of the castle along the foot on foot leading from the city. From the area of the castle we can see the beautiful panorama of the town and the surrounding hills.

Although the whole area of the manor is quite large, only one building is restored. It is the Kriechinger Haus, where there is a commemorative exhibition. This building was reconstructed after the State of Luxembourg took over the site in the 1980s. At that time, numerous repairs of the ruins were carried out to make the safe tour available and an administrative building was built next to the entrance gate.

The first mentions of Larochette date back to the 12th century.

At the end of the 14th century, five owners lived here at the same time. At that time, two of the most magnificent buildings were built. Homburger Haus and the already mentioned, restored Kriechinger Haus. Unfortunately, everything burned down in a fire in 1565. Although for the following centuries the castle had many owners, however, it remained in ruins, and the stones from the stately buildings served as building materials for the inhabitants of the surrounding village.