At Antek's insuch, I started to build a set to play Scrabble. From the beginning, it was a rather elegant version, which would be suitable as a gift.

Therefore, the board was placed on a box with a drawer, into which the coasters and pawns are reassched.

The main material used in the work was mahogany, plywood covered with natural mahogany veneer and other elements made of different types of wood.

So far I have made 2 copies. Each of them was an experiment. In the latter, I was tempted by the resin elements. However, after many attempts, the only thing cast from resin that has been used is a frame with playing fields. These castings are a separate field, requiring patience, trials and trials.

In addition, working on Scrabble mobilized me to buy a laser engraving machine. Burned inscriptions on pawns are perhaps not very perfect, but these are the beginnings.

The first piece of Scrabble also received a beautiful box, to which it is reassched. As a wedding gift, it required a special setting.

The other is waiting for his fate. This version in the future will be produced by me, if of course someone is interested in it.

Mahogany table

This is a project that I have been putting off for a long time. I started it a few months ago. The design is similar to the previous ones, but the interior decoration completely different.

The original idea was to make a mandala-like drawing on wood instead of wooden elements. I bought a set of decent crayons from Faber-Castell and used beech plywood as a background.

The shape of the structure remained the same as at the previous tables, although the dimensions are slightly smaller, but most of all I changed the material from beech wood to mahogany.

I like mahogany treatment more and more, After preserving with wax or oil, it achieves a very noble appearance. For now, I have no plans to try with the polyture, after which the effect is even better. It is a process that requires a lot of experience, but everything is in front of me.


Dostałem zdjęcia od przyjaciół z pytaniem o możliwość wykonania czegoś podobnego. Chodziło o drewniana atrapę kominka., która miałaby zdobić ich salon.

Od razu gdy zerknąłem na te fotki zgodziłem się. Projekt okazał się dość prosty do wykonania.

Satysfakcja tym większa, gdyż moim zleceniodawcą także przypadł do gustu. Wykonałem go w wersji surowej, natomiast oni pomalowali go sami na biało.

Przy okazji wykonywanie tego projektu zmotywowało mnie do zakupu solidnej piły stołowej. W tym malutkim, improwizowanym warsztacie zajmuje sporo miejsca. Jest to teraz największa maszyna jaką posiadam. Na szczęście łatwo się składa.