Quite hasty I created the Woodbyandrew logo.

Letter A inscribed in G.

The idea for this pattern is not new. Long ago, during school time during workshop practices, in addition to official classes, we did "quietly" something for ourselves. I made a copper medal, which went missing somewhere for the next years. However, the shape of this emblem remained in my memory.


I'm starting something new, which is a new adventure with social media. And all in order to promote my craftwork, which I have been doing for a long time.

Esch sur Sure. Les couleurs d'automne. Colors of autumn.

Esch sur Sure
Esch sur Sure

In October, during a spontaneous trip to Esch sur Sure, I made the film Les couleurs d'automne Colors of autumn.  This small settlement is my favorite place in Luxembourg. I like to bump in there from time to time regardless of the season or the weather. Autumn in the mountains is a time when the ubiquitous and lush green transforms into warm colors. During the serene October days, the sun's rays show a fairytale landscape that you can enjoy your eyes until the late autumn jars.

On my Instagram profile there are several photos of autumn forests.

I like to photograph the sun's rays piercing through the branches of the trees. I don't have much knowledge in the field of taking pictures, but Sometimes I capture the image in a way that expresses my feelings.

Luxembourg castles – Bourscheid

Here is the picturesquely located Bourscheid Castle.

The time of the film has increased. But finally, after a few months break, I present another video

Chateau de Bourscheid

This castle was considered one of the most significant in the region.

Located on a hill about 150 meters above the Valley of the River Sauer. The knights here have always served faithfully to the Luxembourg rulers. The beginnings of the manor were created around a year of the 100th century as a wooden fortress. Archaeologists, however, found traces from even earlier years. The first specific mentions date back to 1095. Bertrand vonBourscheid fits into it. Further records from 1233 mention the character Solgier I vonBourscheid, who was an adviser on the courts of the Luxembourg Counties. Around 1320, one of his subsequent successors to Solgier III expanded the original castle. In 1350, Marsilius vonBourscheid surrounded the buildings with a wall with sentinel towers. His successor Fredryk III in 1384 built the Stolzenburger Haus on the southern wall. Currently, it is an exhibition room. For many of the following centuries, the castle fell into disrepair. His fate changed only in 1972, when the State of Luxembourg took over him from private hands.

The charms of the surroundings of this castle also present in the video about one of several hiking trails. The Aloyse Kremer trail is quite easy to overcome even by recreational walkers.


Luxembourg Castles – Larochette


Just before I went on vacation, I managed to assemble another video. This time I visited with a Larochette camera.

On the road between Diekirch and Junglinster we pass the charming tourist village of Larochette. The main attraction here is the castle, which is 150 metres above the weissen Ernz River Valley. The main gate is located on the other side of the village and access to the parking lot before the entrance requires leaving the town. You can also to the ruins of the castle along the foot on foot leading from the city. From the area of the castle we can see the beautiful panorama of the town and the surrounding hills.

Although the whole area of the manor is quite large, only one building is restored. It is the Kriechinger Haus, where there is a commemorative exhibition. This building was reconstructed after the State of Luxembourg took over the site in the 1980s. At that time, numerous repairs of the ruins were carried out to make the safe tour available and an administrative building was built next to the entrance gate.

The first mentions of Larochette date back to the 12th century.

At the end of the 14th century, five owners lived here at the same time. At that time, two of the most magnificent buildings were built. Homburger Haus and the already mentioned, restored Kriechinger Haus. Unfortunately, everything burned down in a fire in 1565. Although for the following centuries the castle had many owners, however, it remained in ruins, and the stones from the stately buildings served as building materials for the inhabitants of the surrounding village.

ING-NightMarathon-2015. This time as a spectator.

In early June, ING-NightMarathon-2015 took place in the Luxembourg capital. This time as a spectator, I looked at the upheade of runners on the route of the tenth edition of this great event.


I managed to assemble a short video of this event. Feel free to watch.

In previous years, I competed three times at this event in half marathons.

I had the opportunity to feel the unique, enthusiastic atmosphere prevailing on the route and great moments of the end of the tour in the hall with crowds of cheering spectators and among the dazzling lights.

Preparations for the start of the 9th edition of the marathon I described on another blog "Recreational running"

There I used my own experience and recent years to share my humble knowledge of running long distances by a person like me, an absolute amateur.


Luxembourg castles – Vianden

Chateau de Vianden

Vianden is the most famous castle in Luxembourg.  He got a movie as part of my series.

The uphill structure of the castle impresses with its location. Both the castle and the village create an unforgettable atmosphere.

The history of Vianden Castle dates back to the 11th century. In the 15th century he passed into the hands of the Nassau family, the ancestors of the Luxembourg princely family.

In the first half of the 19th century it was sold and quickly fell into disrepair. However, in the second half of the same century it was taken back by the Grand Duke and slowly restored.  The current appearance is due to another revitalization carried out in the second half of the 20th century after the princely family handed it over to the state. Descriptions of how the appearance of the castle changed in great detail can be traced during the tour of the museum.

Vianden is also a tourist attraction. Plenty of charming restaurants and cafés stretching along the Grand-Rue, a chairlift to a nearby observation hill, or a museum dedicated to Victor Hugo, who in the 1960s and 1970s was four times here and was enchanted by this settlement are just some of the attractions.

Very spontaneous film.

May Garden

This morning a very spontaneous film was made. Instead of gardenwork. I swapped the rake for a camera 🙂 Processing time and finished material.


Photo0316My first camera experience. I gathered materials in the summer of 2014, but only now I gathered to sumup a short stay in the German capital. For variety, I used some experimental tricks. Here's a video about Berlin.

Feel free to watch.