Key box.

Coniferous wood, painted with acrylic paint.

30 Euro

Beech tray.

Beech wood glued. Glued with acrylic squares. Dimensions 39×24 cm + handles. Wood protected by peanut oil and wax.

60 Euro

Beech tray

Beech wood glued. I used real coffee beans. Coated with a layer of resin. Dimensions 39×30 cm + raconots. Wood protected by peanut oil and wax.

60 Euro

Coffee table

The structure is made of glued beech wood. Dimensions 59×59 cm. Height 44 cm. The whole is secured with peanut oil and wax. The inner elements (in addition to the central circle) are made of the following types of solid wood: oak, beech, mahogany and walnut. Part of the surface is covered with resin. Between, the central element is a mixture of many exotic species. I made the agent from the cast of tin. Glass reinforced 5 mm as an option.

200 Euro + 20 Euro glass.