Luxembourg castles – Bourscheid

Here is the picturesquely located Bourscheid Castle.

The time of the film has increased. But finally, after a few months break, I present another video

Chateau de Bourscheid
This castle was considered one of the most significant in the region.

Located on a hill about 150 meters above the Valley of the River Sauer. The knights here have always served faithfully to the Luxembourg rulers. The beginnings of the manor were created around a year of the 100th century as a wooden fortress. Archaeologists, however, found traces from even earlier years. The first specific mentions date back to 1095. Bertrand vonBourscheid fits into it. Further records from 1233 mention the character Solgier I vonBourscheid, who was an adviser on the courts of the Luxembourg Counties. Around 1320, one of his subsequent successors to Solgier III expanded the original castle. In 1350, Marsilius vonBourscheid surrounded the buildings with a wall with sentinel towers. His successor Fredryk III in 1384 built the Stolzenburger Haus on the southern wall. Currently, it is an exhibition room. For many of the following centuries, the castle fell into disrepair. His fate changed only in 1972, when the State of Luxembourg took over him from private hands.

The charms of the surroundings of this castle also present in the video about one of several hiking trails. The Aloyse Kremer trail is quite easy to overcome even by recreational walkers.